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 Analyst S & CL (burning-coulometry)

Analyst S & N (burning-UVF & CL)

Analysts and humidity generators

Analysts AOX, TOX, POX, EOX (burning-coulometry)

Analysts atmospheric environment BTEX

Analysts Certification QAL 2 CEM systems

Analysts continuous monitoring greenhouse gas (CO, SO2, NOx, O2, etc.) - in stack and extractive

Analysts dissolved gases in transformer oils (TOGA)

Analysts dissolved oxygen and chlorine: line on

Analysts FTIR gas (......), mobile and stationary

Analysts H2S, CO2, NH3 in liquids

Analysts NO, NO2, NOx

Analysts organic halogens (TOX, AOX, EOX, VOX, POX)

Analysts powder; continuous monitoring in stack emissions

Analysts water activity (water activity)

Analysts Wobbe index

Analyzers Hydrocarbon (VOC, CH4, NMHC) -FID or PID, mobile and stationary

Analyzers of oxygen (O2) on  line

Analyzers of oxygen (O2) portable

Automatic viscometers

Bitumen  Ductility

Bitumen Penetration 

Bitumen Softening Point

Calibration standards-CRM

Calibration systems and generators for gas AQMS

Calibration Systems CEMS

Carbon Residue

CEM- FTIR gas analyzer

Cloud point

Cold filter plugging point (CFPP)

Continuous monitoring quality oil systems in machines, transformers, compressors, turbines, etc.

Control gas purity analyzers

Corrosion of copper and silver

Demulsification features Control

Detectors Hydrogen laptops

Detectors leaking hydrocarbons - Continuous

Devices for making calibration gas (divider, mixers, blender)

Digital densitometers liquids and gases

Digital Hydrometers

  Distillation ASTM D 86

Distillation of crude

EDXRF analyzer for S, Pb, P, Metals

Elemental analyzer ED-XRF

Exhaust-gas analyzers (P, t, O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, NH3, HCL, HC, H2, Soot)

Existent gum in fuel

Fractional Distillation special applications

Flash point

Foaming characteristics control

Freezing point fuel & ice

Gas analyzers for CO2, NH3, NOX, HC, HCL, etc.

Gas analyzers for O2, CO, CO2

Gas analyzers for sulfur compounds (H2S, SO2, COS, CS2, Mercaptans, etc.)

Gas analyzers for various applications and technologies

Gas chromatographs ......

Gas chromatographs special applications (RGA, NGA, Oxygenates, Sulfur compounds, DHA, SimDis, Contaminants in LPG, etc)

Gas detectors (CO, flammable gases, coolants)

Generators gas (clean air, nitrogen, hydrogen)

Grease testing

Heat loss

Hydrocarbons chromatographs (GC-FID), mobile and stationary

Hydrogen Analyzers

Hydrogen Leak Detection Systems


Integrated continuous monitoring systems for industrial emissions (gas, dust, flow, temperature, pressure)

Ion analyzers with selective electrodes and colorimetry

Magnetic stirrers for multiple applications

Meteorological measuring devices (i, P, Moisture, wind speed and direction)

Mixers standard gases

Moisture Analyzers

Moisture Analyzers in plastic

MS Gas Analysers

Odorants Analyzers

Oxidation stability (gasoline, jet, diesel, oils, grease)

Ozone Analyzers

Paramagnetic oxygen analyzers

Petrol vapor pressure

PH meters and conductivity meters: line on

PH, Conductivity and Ion meters: benchtop

PH, Conductivity and Ion meters: Pocket

PH, Conductivity, Oxygene, Ion meters: portable


Portable analyzer / chrotatografos GC-MS

Portable gas analyzers (CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, CH4, O2)

Pour point

Pressure Gauges

Recover chemical laboratory solvents

Recover solvents pathological laboratories

Recovery unit control Sulfur Analyzers (Claus)



Sampler gases and LPG

Spectrophotometers FTIR gas

TCD analyzer for binary gas mixtures

Thermometers, Hydrometers, viscometers

Vacuum Distillation ASTM D 1160

Vapour pressure LPG

Various tests fuel, lubricant and gritting

Viscometers, on line

Viscosity determination Bathrooms

XRF analyzers for elemental determinations in dust samples

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